About US

Our company started production in 1987 in Konya motor vehicle industry in 40 m2 workshop. In time, both the technology and customer satisfaction indexed the field of work and production quality has increased and still meet the demand in the market. Our understanding of quality-oriented work has become a model for other manufacturers and has established a sweet competition on the basis of quality.
Our company is one of the first names that comes to mind about the production and supply of hydraulic, pneumatic and circuit sealing elements. Our company with its wide product range and high scale production capacity is on the way of being a pioneer in the sector. Our company, which adopts the principles of itself, is still in the effort and excitement of providing better service and self-improvement in the sector with the ongoing quality management documents and patent organizations.

Our company has been in the process of institutionalization since 2000 by adapting to the showroom & factory concept, production department and sales department, including the appropriate format has changed to work format. Machinery production Our company is confident about the products produced in Turkey and abroad are proud to export. Our company closely follows the developments in the sector and is constantly improving itself with its innovative POLICY. Our aim is to bring our country to the place it deserves in international competition by fulfilling its duty to industrialists in the national economy.

Our policy and quality of our career as we riveted our confidence in this way as we think and work on the basis of the principle of justification in favor of all of our industrial colleagues who lie in the benefits of the work we wish success.

Our products;
* Rana Record
* Polyamide Hose
* Air Conditioning Hose
* Washing Gun
* Foam Gun
* Pharmaceutical Gun
* Hydraulic Valve
* Clamp
* Sheet Metal Capsule
* Hydraulic Control Arm
* Air Conditioning Gland
* Air Conditioning Gas Trailer
* Trailer Coupler Kit
* Damper Sprocket Set
* Damper Hose
* Trailer Hose
* Eight millimeters of spiral hose
* Hydraulic Shell
* Hydraulic Socket production

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